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Most often, if I get recognized it’s for my recurring role on “The Office” playing Kevin’s sweet girlfriend, Lynn. Having played a considerable number of thugs and criminals despite being a law-abiding Minnesotan, it was quite the treat for me to get the pretty hair and makeup and play a love interest with feelings that someone actually cared about. (FUN FACT: The Office “Café Disco” episode was my first on-screen kiss.)

I most decidedly did not have pretty makeup in Breck Eisner’s THE CRAZIES as the emotionally devastated pig farmer’s widow, Peggy Hamill. Special Effects Makeup Designer Rob Hall and his amazing staff from Almost Human made the hours and hours, day after day, in the makeup trailer fly by. Peggy’s death at the hands of Timothy Olyphant’s Sheriff Dutton is a highlight of the film. (FUN FACT: I do not do well watching scary movies. Blame my older brothers for letting me watch ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE when I was five. I did watch my death scene, albeit through my fingers, at THE CRAZIES premiere.)

My most fortunate collaboration is with Richard Kelly, having worked with him on four films. In THE BOX, I play relentless reporter Rhonda Martin. In previous pairings I portrayed soccer mom turned Neo-Marxist Revolutionary Teri Riley in SOUTHLAND TALES, self-help devotee Linda Connie in DONNIE DARKO and the religious fanatic Desert Princess in VISCERAL MATTER. (FUN FACT: I designed the jewelry that I wore in Southland Tales and a number of pieces for the second season of “Rome.”)

Favorite TV moments: Getting a lesson from Jon Hamm in balancing fully-loaded vintage plates on each arm to play a Howard Johnson’s waitress in the “Mad Men” episode “Far Away Places.” Bellowing at and manhandling Frasier and Niles Crane at the Staples Center while playing an insane Sonics Fan in the “Hooping Cranes” episode of “Frasier.” (FUN FACT: I am an impassioned and sometimes raucous sports fan by nature. I root for the Twins, the Vikings and the Geelong Cats.) Tossing bean bag chairs at Becki Newton’s Ruthie and chasing down Betty while in a wheelchair as a bitter copy editor during the “Ugly Betty” episode “Sophia’s Choice” Wrestling a fetus puppet during a state dinner while playing Joyce, the surly head of the pro-choice movement for the “An Aborted Dinner Date” episode of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “That’s My Bush!” (FUN FACT:  I’ve had two custom-made costumes, the Howard Johnson’s waitress uniform and a black cotton prairie dress to play a compound polygamist on “Shameless.”)

My first love was the theatre. Regional and touring highlights include Joel Paley’s “Ruthless!” “Phantom,” “Strike Up the Band,” “A Winter’s Tale,” and “A Child’s Christmas in Wales.” (FUN FACT: I met my husband, Jim Blanchette after being cast as his on-stage wife in “A Child’s Christmas in Wales.” I will forever be grateful to Julia Carrey for that brilliant bit of casting.) In Chicago, I originated the role of Aunt Cecilia in New Tuner’s “Trask and Fenn” catching the eye of Variety which deemed the cast “talented and hardworking, particularly Lisa K Wyatt.”

A veteran improviser and sketch performer, I co-founded the Chicago long-form troupe “Minnie Pearl Jam,” was a troupe regular in LA Weekly’s critic’s pick, LA Headgames, and wrote/performed in all but the last iteration of “Merry Filthy Christmas.” My most recent sketch foray was “Patriotism Unleashed” in which I played a second grader gleefully insulting all 50 states in song, a berserker Iowan farm wife during the apocalypse and a seriously twisted Pepperidge Farm old-timer.

As a writer, I’m a regular contributor to The Story Salon in Los Angeles and My screenplay “Wench Up!” is inspired by my experiences working at Renaissance Faires in the trio “Wenches With Teeth.”

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Theatre and Math from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. (I took the whole left brain/right brain idea seriously.) With my husband, I coach actors on The Mechanics of Believability at The Garage Acting Workshop.

True to my fancy Hollywood life, a typical Saturday night involves having friends over to play board games. We own over seventy. Current favorites are Fresco and Dominion. All-time favorites are Puerto Rico, Carcassonne and Glory to Rome.

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